Modern and Functional Design

Based on a symbiosis between the exterior and the interior areas, all the apartments were carefully designed in order to provide the comfort and functionality required by modern life.

The bedroom is one of the most requested rooms of a house; therefore it was carefully projected to guarantee a space optimization, storage maximization and plenty of brightness.

The bathroom designs focus on premium materials and finishes.

12 Units
Areas between 191 – 403 sqm

47 Units
Areas between 118 – 227 sqm

56 Units
Areas between 89 – 118 sqm

45 Units
Areas between 47 – 67 sqm

9 Units
Areas between 35 – 42 sqm

personal touch

Now that you own the apartment of your dreams, it has to be furnished! You can use furniture and materials from a former house, select antique, modern or design pieces, keep a clean line or just blend them up! Some people are inclined to decoration and enjoy that task! If that is the case, relish the opportunity of making the options for the interior of your new apartment.

In case of interest, it is possible to establish a partnership with a reputable and recognized decoration company, in order to present some decoration proposals with favorable prices. In that way it is easier to fulfill your dream home.

There are some alternatives for your apartment and the ANTAS ATRIUM’s sales team will be pleased to present them.